LumaBooth Assistant quick setup and tips


LumaBooth Assistant is a companion program to be used with LumaBooth. It allows you to print from your iPad photo booth.

Download LumaBooth Assistant here:

Be sure that your iPad and LumaBooth Assistant computer are on a wifi network that allows device discovery and that there is no firewall or network security blocking communication between the devices. This is the biggest problem people have when first setting up their LumaBooth Assistant computer.

When I setup a photo booth, I always use a travel router to create a wifi network. This is the best way to ensure that your network will work with your devices. Here is information about the travel router that I use.

Here is the laptop that I use for LumaBooth Assistant. I prefer to have dedicated devices for my booths, and this affordable computer has worked great and fits nicely on top of the DNP Printers.

LumaBooth Assistant Computer