Crowd Control – Stanchions

Whether your doing a red carpet runner in front of a Magic Mirror Photo Booth, or a 360 Spin Booth, some times stanchions are a must.

Often times the Magic Mirror will have the velvet rope stanchions to add to the style and look, and less about actually keeping people back.

crown control stanchion
Gold Stanchion with Red Velvet Rope

The 360 Spin Booth on the other hand, uses the stanchion for safety. The stanchions help keep guests away from the spinning arm of the video booth.

360 Spin Photo Booth

I’ve found that the red and gold does not always go with every event color scheme. I’ve found these all black, heavy plastic stanchions that are easy to transport and use. The all black look will not clash with a color scheme and they are very effective.

360 Spin Booth

Black Stanchion with Retractable Belt

These stanchions come with the base and upright disassembled. You simply push the upright into the base, and it’s ready to use. At the end of an event, I have found a way to easily take them apart. I use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the upright from the base.

Needle Nose Pliers